Model history

A perfect summary of form, style and design, the Wood model embodies its uniqueness in the Venetian Briccola wood finish. Its clean and essential design, combined with this exclusive finish, makes the WOOD model adaptable to any style and environment, giving it even more heat. The WOOD design radiator tells a millenary history, that of the city of Venice. Undisputed protagonists of the lagoon city, the mooring posts are first keg oak poles planted on the seabed and used to signal the waterways and tides to craft. Characteristic of this wood is the diligent fretwork, given by holes and circles that together create evocative designs. The architects of this symphony of forms are the shipworms, molluscs which find their natural habitat right on the mooring posts, by sculpting the wood. Every mooring post at the end of its life, after about 10/20 years, is replaced and reused to give life to this extraordinary radiator. To enhance its elegance, the black finish of the glass, baked at 650 degrees to guarantee its resistance and chromatic invariability

Available sizes


Available finishing

The range of the WOOD design radiator is composed of 1 black base finish on which the wood finish will be applied


ATTENTION: being a finish partially made by materials of natural origin / craftsmanship, the image-sample represented here may vary slightly from the original live. Any slight variations in color gradient, texture and grain are therefore not grounds for any dispute, but rather testify to the natural origin / craftsmanship and uniqueness of each individual product.

Technical Sheet

See and download the technical sheet of this model as a PDF


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Remote control

Wall-mounted RC holder included



Mod. Helios                        Mod. Galaxy 


Towel rail

The bar can be cut to the desired length and more rails can be installed (at different heights) on the heater at once


Can be installed at any desired position along the upper edge of the product (yet for Mod. SOAP not suitable !)