Model history

The SOAP design radiator originates from a careful study of shapes and their visual and emotional impact on humans. Its clean and essential design, combined with the customization of the finishes and dimensions makes it adaptable to any environment and any style, from classic to more modern. The SOAP design radiator also has no hidden surfaces, thus ensuring a high level of cleaning and allowing installation in all environments.

Available sizes


Available finishing

The range of SOAP design radiators is composed of 4 finishes, white, grey, black and mirror but can be customized with special finishes and treatments

References to RAL codes are intended as purely indicative and not binding, as the product may be subject to slight chromatic changes induced by the natural phenomenon of refraction of light (natural and artificial) when it passes through the glass

Technical Sheet

See and download the technical sheet of this model as a PDF


See and download the brochure of this model as a PDF



Remote control

Wall-mounted RC holder included



Mod. Helios                        Mod. Galaxy 


Towel rail

The bar can be cut to the desired length and more rails can be installed (at different heights) on the heater at once


Can be installed at any desired position along the upper edge of the product (yet for Mod. SOAP not suitable !)