Model history

The harmonious and purist design of our radiators joins your originality, giving life to the SERIGRAPHY model.
In line with the Eyebeam philosophy, the SERIGRAPHY model is not a simple radiator but something unique, created directly by you. A picture or a painting make this model a real art object with which to enhance the environment in which it is installed. The essential forms of Eyebeam thus become the frame of your story, so let our radiators tell it. Made entirely of shatter-proof tempered glass, the SERIGRAPHY model encloses the screen printing inside two glass plates, thus protecting the image from deterioration of time and maintaining its integrity, The SERIGRAPHY model is available both in the EYEBEAM Electric System and in the EYEBEAM Hydronic System.

Available sizes



Available finishing

Technical information for custom printing on radiator

EYEBEAM gives you the opportunity to customize the radiator with the graphics you prefer. By providing an image (jpg – tiff – eps) in high resolution (minimum 200 dpi side to side), we will make the radiator you have signed. The uniqueness will make your environments exclusive.



See and download the brochure of this model as a PDF



Remote control

Wall-mounted RC holder included



Mod. Helios                        Mod. Galaxy 


Towel rail

The bar can be cut to the desired length and more rails can be installed (at different heights) on the heater at once


Can be installed at any desired position along the upper edge of the product (yet for Mod. SOAP not suitable !)