Over the past 15 years, both private and collective construction-technology has evolved very rapidly. Energy saving needs have become increasingly important and the European regulatory framework has aligned itself with this trend with increasingly stringent requirements, obtainable only with newly designed systems, which technically fully correspond to the mandatory “ErP / Eco-Design” (2009/125/EC) legislation.

The focus on eco-sustainability has become a cross-cutting value across Europe, giving priority to systems made up of natural materials and more easily recyclable at the end of life.

Interior design has increasingly become a Normal of our home and environments; all the products in each room must converge towards the idea of personal design, but increasingly of a very high level.

The origins

Eyebeam srl was established at the beginning of 2013, as part of the legacy of a previous entrepreneurial experience, which had already highlighted the future potential of a brilliant and innovative design: the use of tempered glass to shape infrared radiant panels. with a thickness of less than half an inch and with an attractive aesthetic impact, characterized by a very wide possibility of programming the operation according to the “all on board touch screen technology” electronic-concept, still pursued today by the company even in its most recent creations.

As for almost all start-ups, the first period of activity was characterized mainly by the experimentation of various constructive and functional solutions, as well as by the search for the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, reached with, important commercial relations with markets that were also inaugurated. even very far away (Israel, Japan and South Africa to name only a few).

The turning point

After the first years with its own operational headquarters rented to third parties, in 2017 Eyebeam srl finally equipped itself with its own production plant located in the industrial area of ​​Azzano Decimo in northern Italy where it permanently produces for itself and for important brands (Italian and international) of the sector with which it has in the meantime signed important exclusive supply agreements under OEM production-regime.

In the summer of 2018 the majority stake of the company was sold to a very loyal early customer of Eyebeam srl, thus placing the corporate structure of the company on an even more international level and close to the commercial reality of Europe today.


After almost a decade after its foundation, Eyebeam srl can still boast a position of undisputed domination on the market of radiant panels for non-industrial domestic use with completely autonomous operation and independent from external control units (eg: the classic thermostat wi-fi environment), which are needed for the correct functioning of our competitor’s panels.

In addition to the tempered and painted glass, which has characterized the most innovative constructive component of the product from the beginning, various other fine finishes have been added later on, such as the frontal applications in “Laminam” stone or in “Venetian briccola” real oak-veneer, and last but not least, our. flexible technical ability to interpret “made-to-measure” models on behalf of third parties, ranging from houses to hotels and the continued production of OEM models regularly distributed on the professional market by highly respected and internationally renowned brands.