The EYEBEAM Electric System design radiators, built and designed entirely in Italy, are produced with the highest qual- ity materials, 100% recyclable. All components used are carefully selected for their charac- teristics of eco-compatibility and recyclability.
The EYEBEAM Electric System design radiators have the most advanced technology, which allows the product itself to understand which is the most correct way to heat the environment avoiding waste of energy, keeping the product surface temperature to a minimum and automatically set- ting itself on stand-by upon facing sudden changes in tem- perature within the environment.



We have convection heating when the radiators heat the air in the room, which generates a convective motion, rises and touches the objects to which it gives heat, then cools down and falls to the ground to begin the cycle again. This heating system involves “dry air currents” that carry dust and bacteria. It is not so much the heat (energy) but the hot air that goes up, so with the convection heating system we will have hot air at the top and cooler air at the bottom. This creates the unpleasant sensation of cold feet and heat over the head.


The Eyebeam electric glass radiator heats by radiation. It consists of two sheets of glass thermally treated and stratified, with a special laser technology is obtained the transparent resistance that heats through the electric current. A warning light indicates the operation of the radiator and in just 10/15 minutes it is already at temperature. Unlike common electric heaters that have very hot resistances, the Eyebeam radiator works at relatively low temperatures, so the heat is extremely gentle, pleasant and above all does not generate any noise or smell. Just like the sun, radiant heating is multi-directional and works through infrared rays that mainly heat objects and opaque surfaces without interfering with the atmosphere. This allows to have an homogeneous distribution of heat and therefore an absolute well-being for the human body avoiding the unpleasant sensation of having a hot head and cold feet. The radiant heating system gives heat leaving the air healthy, dust-free and with natural humidity, so even people who suffer from allergies or have easily irritable throat can breathe freely.


The Eyebeam heating system heats the environment by radiating heating bodies, avoiding the creation of convection currents and so eliminating the lifting of particles in dust, pollen and other allergenic elements present in the enclosed space.


Since they are made entirely of glass and aluminium, EYEBEAM Hydronic System products are 100% recyclable, reducing the envi- ronmental impact of the product to zero. A long term study on heating technologies has allowed the creation of a highly performing hydraulic system, with a considerably lower water consumption compared to traditional systems, perfectly ad- aptable to heat pump systems or renewable energy sources. All Eyebeam ErP radiators comply with the provisions of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 / EC and the EU Regulation 2015/1188 for environment heaters.


The EYEBEAM design radiators have state-of-the-art TOUCH SCREEN control system that allows to optimize the performance in combination with the remote control.
The daily and weekly programmable Thermostat allows you to program the switching on and off for a flexible heating and the most suitable as possible to the needs of the end user. The three pre-set temperature modes allow you to select, according to the size of the environment and the tempera- ture you want to obtain, the heating mode that best suits the situation, avoiding energy waste.


All EYEBEAM models can be installed both horizontally and vertically for a maximum adaptability to the needs of each individual environment.