Entirely made of glass and aluminium, the EYEBEAM Hydronic System products are 100% recyclable, thus reducing the product's environmental impact to zero.

A prolonged study on heating technologies has allowed for the creation of an highly-performing hydraulic system, with a considerably reduced water content compared to traditional systems, perfectly suitable for the usage with heat pump systems or other renewable energy sources.


The EYEBEAM Hydronic System radiators are fitted with standard European connections, ensuring their easy installation in any existing plant.
They feature four ½” standard pipe connections with 500 mm centre distance.
On request, they can be delivered with central pipe fitting with 50 mm centre distance.

The EYEBEAM radiators are designed to function with water meeting the chemical requirements of circuit filling provided by the O-Norm 3195/VDI 2035 regulations.


The EYEBEAM Hydronic System radiators can be equipped with many accessories such as towel rails or hooks.


The EYEBEAM Electric System radiators are mostly made of 100% recyclable materials. Their construction technique allows for the easy identification of components and easy disassembly for a correct disposal.

The EYEBEAM Electric System radiators feature the most advanced technology, allowing the product to autonomously identify the best way to heat up the environment avoiding energy waste, by idling the surface temperature of the product and by blocking automatically in case of swift temperature fluctuations within the environment.


The EYEBEAM Electric System radiators are fitted with a state of the art TOUCH-SCREEN control system allowing, together with the remote control, to optimise performance.

The daily and weekly chrono-thermostat allows to program the switching on and off, for the most flexible and adaptable heating for the end user's needs.

The three preset temperature modes allow to select, depending on the size of the environment and on the desired temperature, the most suitable heating mode for each situation, thus avoiding energy waste.


The construction of the EYEBEAM Electric System radiators provides the use of double tempered glass which, in case of breakage, guarantees a 1 B1 level safety performance, in compliance with the UNI 12600 European standard.

In addition, the construction thus formed provides a class 2 electronic insulation level and a IP 55 protection level, thereby ensuring maximum safety also in humid environments such as bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas etc.

Moreover, the Electric System radiators are equipped with various safety devices:

in case of overheating of the plate, the electrical board immediately causes the radiator to switch to stand-by mode, and in case the electrical board's action was not sufficient, the device is fitted with a double safety sensor that records its surface temperature and immediately blocks the radiator.

In addition, the radiator is equipped with a room temperature setting function correlated to the surface temperature setting which, in case of presence of children, allows to enhance the device's safety by preventing the plate to reach high temperatures while obtaining, at the same time, the desired temperature within the environment.

Moreover, the EYEBEAM Electric System radiators are fitted with an anti-freeze function, allowing to set the minimum environment temperature below which the device will start to operate.


TAll the Electric System version radiators are equipped with a standard remote control.