Over the past 15 years, both private and collective housing structures have been undergoing a remarkable evolution.

Energy saving needs have become increasingly important and the European regulatory framework has adhered to such trend by implementing increasingly stringent requirements, which can only be met by using newly-developed systems.

Attention to eco-sustainability has become a value cutting across all of Europe, and making users privilege systems made in natural materials and fully recyclable at end of their life.

Interior design has grown to be a constant feature in our environments; all the details in a room must converge towards a design concept which is personal yet characterised by increasingly high standards.

Eyebeam is the synthesis of a significant experience gained in the heating and interior design fields, which aims to offer products combining the best existing technologies (some of which are patented by the company) with modern designs in line with the latest trends. Products are efficient, quick in responding to temperature changes requests, unalterable over time, safe, easy to install. A vast choice of colour and material combinations ensures a perfect match for every environment. Available both with the traditional hot-water system and with electrical power supply, thanks to their functioning by irradiation, they allow to reduce room temperatures with significant savings on operating costs.